The Royal Commission for AlUla hosts its first Mid-Year Summit for its scholarship programme in the United States, the United Kingdom and France.

28 مارس 2019آخر تحديث : منذ 5 سنوات
The Royal Commission for AlUla hosts its first Mid-Year Summit for its scholarship programme in the United States, the United Kingdom and France.
  • RCU’s Scholarship Programme grants applicants from Saudi Arabia’s Al Ula the opportunity to build their skills and gain new experiences through studying abroad in the US, the UK and France through cultural exchange.
  • RCU will host its first Mid-Year Summit from 27 March – 6 April in Los Angeles, London and Paris to be attended by students, families and key partners.
  • RCU’s Scholarship Programme was created to equip young people with the skills and knowledge required to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in AlUla.

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The Royal Commission for AlUla is hosting a mid-year summit for its Scholarship Programme, which provides successful applicants from AlUla, KSA the opportunity to pursue degrees at prestigious universities and academic institutions in the United States, the United Kingdom and France, in line with the strategic orientations of the region.
The mid-year summit will take place in Paris (27-28 March), London (29-30 March) and Los Angeles (5-6 April), and will bring together students, families and key partners including Kaplan and Campus France, the partner agencies working with and overseeing the UK and France based students respectively.
The Scholarship Programme, which plays a leading role in achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, was built to drive forward the long-term sustainable development for AlUla, which places locals and residents at the heart of all initiatives and projects in the region. It aims to equip students with the skills necessary to diversify Saudi’s economy and build a vibrant and robust tourism and leisure sector.
The 165 students currently enrolled on the programme departed from Saudi Arabia to the USA, the UK and France in September 2018 and are participating in a range of programmes to obtain diplomas, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in areas of study in alignment with the future state of AlUla including Agricultural Techniques, History and Archaeology and Tourism and Hospitality.
The Summit will facilitate engagement and networking between RCU, students and key partners and will feature a number of speeches and interactive sessions.
Commenting on the initiative and upcoming summit, Abdullah Khelaiwi, Chief or Economic and Social Development at the Royal Commission for AlUla said: “The skills and knowledge that our students are acquiring will be of upmost importance for the development of AlUla and the achievement of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. I am proud of the students who are not only gaining world-class education, but also actively engaging in new cultures and broadening their horizons.”
He added, “This summit is excellent opportunity for the students to meet one another, network and learn more about their chosen country’s history and culture, and it will be the first of many.”

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