Health and Nutritional Guidelines to Boost Immunity

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Health and Nutritional Guidelines to Boost Immunity

Dr Basem AbuBaker

Health and nutritional guidelines that boost immunity also reduce the risk of many diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, heart and brain diseases, high blood pressure, as well as infections and infectious diseases.

Factors that Enhance Immunity

  • Balanced Nutrition: A balanced diet that includes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat or fat-free dairy products, nuts, unsalted seeds, healthy oils, fish, eggs, and both animal and plant proteins. Consuming foods rich in dietary fiber promotes beneficial bacteria in the digestive system and strengthens immunity.
  • Deep Breathing Exercise.
  • Adequate and Peaceful Sleep) Get 7-8 hours of quality sleep daily(.
  • Hand washing: Wash hands with soap and water several times a day (a full minute each timePersonal Hygiene Care.(
  • Stay Hydrated) Drink plenty of water and healthy fluids to avoid dehydration (.
  • Regular Physical Exercise) Engage in regular physical activities like daily brisk walking for half an hour(.
  • Maintain Healthy Body Weight) Keep your blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and lipid levels within normal ranges (.
  • Factors that Reduce Immunity:
  • Smoking (Both direct and passive, and alcoholic beverages).
  • Sugars, Sweetened Juices, and Carbonated Drinks.
  • Fast Food, Fatty, and unsafe Foods.
  • Taking Medications Without Medical Consultation, Especially antibiotics.
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