GOIC’s Gulf Industrial Knowledge Centre: Specialised Studies and Reports

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GOIC’s Gulf Industrial Knowledge Centre: Specialised Studies and Reports

Manufacture of Glass and Glass Products in the GCC
203 factories and up to 2.4 billion USD worth of investments


GOIC’s Gulf Industrial Knowledge Centre continues to publish detailed industrial reports on various industrial sectors in GCC countries. These reports are available on the website in easily accessible categories. Topics include: food products, medical products, plastics, textiles, leather, chemical and petrochemical products, engineering, environment, recycling and other important sectors.
The Gulf Industrial Knowledge Centre is a website that was designed in Arabic and English to provide all sorts of industrial information about the Gulf region. It offers a unique set of GOIC’s industrial studies, industrial investment opportunities and up-to-date reports on several industrial sectors. To view and buy the reports or to download free reports, you can visit www.knowledge.goic.org.qa.
A recently published report revealed that the manufacture of glass and glass products represented approximately 7% of the total factories, 6.4% of the total investments and 7.3% of the total labour force in building materials manufacture in 2015.

Investment: 2440 million USD
The number of factories operating in this industrial activity increased from 151 in 2011 to 203 in 2015 (7.7% CAGR), and during the same period of time, investments jumped from 2204 million USD to 2440 million USD (2.6 CAGR) and the labour force expanded from 15406 to 20107 workers (6.9% CAGR).
This class includes the manufacture of glass in all forms, made by any process and the manufacture of articles of glass. In details, it includes:
The manufacture of flat glass, including wired, coloured or tinted flat glass
The manufacture of toughened or laminated flat glass
The manufacture of glass in rods or tubes
The manufacture of glass paving blocks, glass mirrors and multiple-walled insulating units of glass
The manufacture of bottles and other containers of glass or crystal
The manufacture of drinking glasses and other domestic glass or crystal articles
The manufacture of glass fibres, including glass wool and non-woven products thereof
The manufacture of laboratory, hygienic or pharmaceutical glassware
The manufacture of clock or watch glasses, optical glass and optical elements not optically worked
The manufacture of glassware used in imitation jewellery
The manufacture of glass insulators and glass insulating fittings
The manufacture of glass envelopes for lamps and the manufacture of glass figurines

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