Fakih IVF Addresses the Barriers Causing Infertility during National Infertility Week

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Fakih IVF Addresses the Barriers Causing Infertility during National Infertility Week

And emphasizes on adapting a healthy lifestyle to help improve the chances of conceiving

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Infertility is often a silent struggle. Patients finding it difficult to conceive often experience stress, anxiety, isolation and emotional strain. With National Infertility Awareness week falling between April 21- 27, Fakih IVF plans to raise awareness and reach out to couples battling infertility.

Dr. Michael Fakih, Medical Director of Fakih IVF Fertility Center said it is crucial to understand the reason behind infertility and to be aware about the various treatment options available. “Patients need to educate themselves about the possible alternatives and seek proper medical intervention from experts in the field to better their prospects of starting a family. It’s a trying time for each family and because we understand their situation, we have services designed that personally cater to the needs of each patient that can make their IVF journey a lot easier,” he said.
It is also recommended for infertile patients to follow a healthy lifestyle to improve their chances of conceiving. Men are recommended to incorporate greens and foods rich in antioxidants in their diet, exercise regularly, quit smoking or taking any form of steroids and treat underlying medical conditions like diabetes, infection of the reproductive system or urinary, thyroid disease, celiac disease and anemia.
Female infertile patients are suggested to maintain a healthy diet and weight, limit the intake of caffeine and alcohol, are recommended to work around their cycle and use ovulation tests and are preferably asked to start taking folic acid.
At Fakih IVF Fertility Centre, a variety of services are available to treat infertile patients. “We welcome all individuals seeking advice related to their fertility and also run various online and offline campaigns to educate people about various topics related to infertility. Our specialists offer one-on-one patient education sessions for those who prefer a more confidential setting,” Dr. Fakih said.
Therefore, in support of National Infertility Awareness Week Fakih IVF Dubai is offering a 15 per cent discount on IVF-ICSI packages and free consultation for first time visitors, throughout the month of April.

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