Quote by Khuloud Al Ali, Deputy Senior Manager, Public Relations and Media and Head of the Female Sports teams at DEWA,

10 نوفمبر 2017 آخر تحديث : الجمعة 10 نوفمبر 2017 - 11:53 صباحًا

on the 5th Sheikha Hind Women’s Sports Tournament.

Khuloud Al Ali

DEWA’s female sports teams are taking part in all competitions of the 5th Sheikha Hind Women’s Sports Tournament. 59 highly-trained female employees are participating in the tournament. We are confident that DEWA’s teams will reach the finals and achieve remarkable results and become role models for successful female staff who lead a healthy lifestyle and balance their professional and social lives. The distinguished results of our teams will contribute to encouraging DEWA to continue its approach in motivating female employees to exercise. Activities play an important role in improving physical and psychological health, developing skills and capabilities, and achieving happiness. DEWA Women’s Committee adopts a comprehensive approach to enhance the role of women in the workplace, develop their skills and capabilities, and provide them with a positive and motivating work environment that contributes to balancing their professional and social lives. The committee also works to enhance their health and fitness, encouraged by the full support of DEWA’s top management. DEWA’s participation, this year, is characterised by strength, determination, challenge and the desire to win, just like the previous years. DEWA won many titles in last year’s tournament, where 46 female players participated in the all the group and individual games, and achieved remarkable results. They came first in the road race, cycling, and chess. DEWA is participating in the 5th Sheikha Hind Women’s Sports Tournament in 10 individual and group games. These are basketball, volleyball, handball, swimming, cycling, road racing, chess, badminton, bowling, and table tennis.

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