DEWA demonstrates 34 innovative projects & smart initiatives at GITEX 2019

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DEWA demonstrates 34 innovative projects & smart initiatives at GITEX 2019

ubai Water and Electricity Authority (DEWA) is showcasing 34 innovative projects and smart initiatives during its participation in GITEX Technology Week 2019, with 24 of these initiatives being demonstrated for the first time. DEWA invited the public to visit its stand (S2-D1) in Sheikh Saeed Hall in the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, as well as its stand within the pavilion of Smart Dubai Government. Visitors can learn about DEWA’s major projects, initiatives, and services, based on AI that will enhance the experience of customers, partners, and employees. DEWA conducts daily raffle draws with valuable prizes for visitors until 10 October 2019.

Projects, initiatives, and programmes showcased by DEWA include the Smart Response Service which has several features such as self-diagnosis of power and water interruptions, reducing steps to deal with complaints, through DEWA’s smart app and website; enhancing customer experience and efficiency of services. It also alerts smart meters customers of high water consumption in case of water leakages.

DEWA is also displaying its revamped website, which was designed based on customer feedback, and research that focused on their needs leading to advanced engineering of smart channels, as well as benchmarking with leading global websites. The revamped website utilises an innovative and seamless design and navigation, which was tested with different user groups.

DEWA is also showing its updated smart app including a dark mode. The app integrates all services, based on customer needs and includes DEWA store, which provides exclusive offers and discounts in partnership with a number of public and private sector companies.

DEWA is also highlighting AI initiatives such as Rammas, its virtual assistant that is capable of responding in English and Arabic, through the website, smart app, Facebook page, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, robots, and WhatsApp Business platform. DEWA is the first government organisation in the UAE to have a verified WhatsApp Business account. Rammas is able to learn and process customers’ needs, analyse and evaluate as per given data, and respond accurately to facilitate transactions. DEWA is also highlighting its industrial robot, which supervises inspections, cleaning, welding and maintenance of transformers quickly and efficiently.

In line with its commitment to enhancing effective partnerships between government and private organisations, DEWA’s stand is also showing its initiatives within Dubai Future Accelerators programme. These include: extraction of water from air humidity, and a photovoltaic cleaning robot detect pollution on PV panels; and the Facial Recognition System which allows companies to develop and evaluate data-driven solutions, swiftly and efficiently, using AI.

DEWA is highlighting its ‘Maarefa’ smart platform, which brings employees’ knowledge and expertise together, ‘Afkari’ platform for employees to promote creativity and innovation in the workplace using collaboration and voting on best ideas similar to social media. The ‘Ebtikari’ platform is also presented, for global inventors and innovators to present their ideas in sustainable energy and water, and other related ideas. Visitors can also understand about the drones which increase operational efficiency, increasing safety during regular network-testing and maintenance, to accurately detect failures, monitor generation, and carry out in-field surveys for DEWA’s development projects, making new connections to the city’s buildings and facilities.

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