Bambi is a talented artist

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Bambi is a talented artist

Bambi is a talented artist / designer of multiple disciplines, a former ballet dancer and instructor. She grew up in a theatrical environment full of imaginations and all sorts of crazy costumes, lighting, music, décor of all shapes and colours.  “I can’t really remember when was my first start. In one way or the another, art and design were always a part of me.  It became a life style that I live and breathe in” Bambi says.  So, at this point of time she works as a freelancer Spatial Designer as well as Jewellery Designer.  She sees her power in design and problem-solving lies in being able to challenge her creativity in the multidisciplinary which expand the limits.

Bambi’s designs capture the magic effortlessly.  Her Interior and landscape work are marked in many projects inside and outside Jordan.  “Space is my plain canvas where I practice my artistic imagination.  I like modern clean lines that are based on balance, proportions and on right scales.  So, to me less is more”.  She continues “my inspiration has no boundaries to define. Yet to name a few; sculptures, shapes and forms, architectural buildings, installation, modern art, and of course dance and music”.

“Bambi AnnRe Jewelry” is the first limited edition wearable architectural jewellery collection COSMOPOLITAN lunched October 2019 during Amman Design Week.  The power of geometrical lines and architectural designs were evident in her creation.  Her oversized rings are bold and powerful.  They convey a lot about the wearer’s personality.   Bambi says “My rings can be a great conversation starter as for sure they turn heads”, laughs, “They are statement pieces designed for confident professional modern women who want to be different and stand out of the crowd”. She adds “I’m expressing my passion and vision into unique sculptural statement pieces that you want to wear anytime, every time and anywhere.  They are the collectable of tomorrows”.

IG @bambi.annre


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